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 Updates as of 3/16/09! Read this to get updated on news.

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WoWFirestorm King - Owner
WoWFirestorm King - Owner

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PostSubject: Updates as of 3/16/09! Read this to get updated on news.   Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:35 am

::News for 3/16/09!::

As you all know the servers been tolling up and down and its been going thru changes down and up. Well im gonna change that starting from this point i post this. Im gonna work on the server hard but i need people to cooperate and stick on their positions until Then. Meaning That im gonna be the one doing most of the work and people doing exactly what i say so we can get it done faster. The problem with our last DB was that I wasn't organized and that was horrible but this time im taking over and we're gonna get everything done faster. If GM's don't cooperate with me so we can get this done faster, Im putting them on Parol so they will have to wait until The server is out to GM on and if any complaints are made, i will bring the bosshammer and fire them.

News1: I have bought a website from bradmasterX which is an awesome Web designer and i am paying him for it so it will be awesome. We will be getting it soon so don't worry but trust me, it will look sweet.

News2: The server stafflist got a few More Gamemasters In Game so congrats the following:

These guys will help build the server but are put on parol if not cooperative.

News3: I will be putting the server and company on xtremetop100 and other top 100 sites so people can vote to help us get more populated and don't forget, VOTE WHEN IT COMES OUT.

News4: The Donations box Is fully working now so please start donating. Donations Get put towards Services first, New features 2nd, and The boss 3rd for money next month so it helps me financial wise and here is the catch. The more people donate and vote, The more i work and the more features put on here so enjoy and donate.

This is r3dw3r3w0lf Signing out with the news!

-r3dw3r3w0lf *owner*


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PostSubject: Re: Updates as of 3/16/09! Read this to get updated on news.   Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:30 pm

Thank you werewolf for introducing me. And thanks to this community for being so awesome! Very Happy
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Updates as of 3/16/09! Read this to get updated on news.
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