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 Firestorm Stafflist

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WoWFirestorm King - Owner

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PostSubject: Firestorm Stafflist   Sun Mar 15, 2009 2:30 pm

::Staff List::

This is the list of our staff currently. They match to the proper spot of what part of the company they work on so updates and promotions will be posted here.

Owner - R3dw3r3w0lf
Lieutenant - pollutionz
Colonel - Deathreaper
Captain - ix s u p r a ix


List of Features for each-
Owner: Gets full access of everything and runs everything. This is the owners spot only. Runs everything and anything and he is top dog.
Lieutenant: Has 2nd command of the server and helps build and take everything but is owned and ran by the owner. He can spawn and Do what he wants to make the server big but still listens to the Owner.
Colonel: They are in charge when needed but helps and has opinions that can be set. They cannot spawn NPC's or gameobjects unless asked.
Captain: Runs everything and makes sure everything is smooth. Helps spawn when needed and takes over in needed situations. Is not allowed to spawn when wanted.
GM's: Do exactly what the Top says but if they Listen to the complete top of the list first. They are Most sustainable to getting fired if Any way but is sustainable to Spawning when needed only. Has almost no authority but does GM like a Normal GM.


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Firestorm Stafflist
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